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Blank Frank Black

You guys obviously have good taste in films, so I'm going to have to bug you with my

My friends and I have started a tradition of doing our own "film festival" every summer when everyone picks six or so movies and we spend hours in front of a TV for a couple weeks. This year instead of showing my own favorite movies I am going to showcase the favorites of six random strangers. I will post this survey in multiple places and collect answers and then randomly choose six of them; I don't have to love your movie to end up showing it, I just have to think it at least qualifies as quality filmmaking in some sense. Please fill out these questions and either email them to me ( or leave them in a comment. Thank you.

1. What is your favorite movie? (Please pick only one.)

2. Please list three good reasons why this film stands above all the others you've seen, or just explain why in a paragraph.

3. Does this film have a personal meaning to you? How does it affect you emotionally?

4. What is your favorite scene? Favorite character? What do you think is the one trait about the plot development/directing style, etc. of this movie that makes it unique?

5. What do you love most about movies?

6. What is your favorite genre of film?

7. Who are some of your favorite filmmakers and actors?

8. Would you like me to notify you if your movie is selected for the Phag Film Festival and let you know what the "audience" thought?

9. Is there a picture of you (or a picture you would like to represent you) on the internet which I could print in the program along with your answers? Link?

Sorry for going off-topic.
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